A Breakfast with Grace Tame

This morning the women at Novata Solutions alongside our lovely clients from Monadelphous, Brightwater and United Way WA attended the Business Chicks Presents: Grace Tame Breakfast at Crown Perth.  

It may have been an early start, but the discussions held amongst our table and listening to Grace Tame’s story were impactful, eye-opening, and empowering. Grace shared how she has been able to gain the strength to share her story, speak out, educate, and fight for other survivors to be heard.  

A little more about Grace Tame 

At just 26 years of age, Grace Tame was recognised and named as the Australian of the Year 2021.  

For almost 10 years Grace Tame didn’t have a voice. An archaic law prevented Grace from telling her story of sexual abuse – despite the fact her abuser was free to tell his. Grace spent months campaigning with the #LetHerSpeak campaign and in 2019, she finally won the court order to speak out under her own name.  

Who are Business Chicks? 

Business Chicks believes that “Every woman is capable of achieving amazing things. But also know you can’t do it alone”. 

Founder of Business Chicks, Emma Isaacs is a career entrepreneur and has devoted her working life to serving and rallying for women not only in Australia but on a global scale. Business Chicks is a large community of women supporting and empowering women to do more and be more, offering several networking opportunities, webinars and other in-person and online events to connect with likeminded women. 

Breakfast at Crown 

Nine news presenter Monika Kos opened the breakfast honoring the traditional landowners of Australia and provided us with an insight into the morning’s agenda. This was followed by a light breakfast and some networking. After breakfast, Monika Kos introduced Grace Tame to the stage. From the moment Grace Tame walked onto the stage and spoke, you could see her strength, motivation for change and engagement with the audience. 

To end the breakfast, Business Chicks drew out three prizes. The first prize, a Willie Creek Pearl necklace was won by our own Michelle.  

From Novata Solutions, we would like to say a massive Thank You to Business Chicks for holding this event and allowing us to meet the young, empowering, ‘figure head of change’ Grace Tame.

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