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This November our team has been raising funds and awareness for Movember!

The History of Movember

In late 2003, two mates from Melbourne, Australia were having a quiet beer and discussing recurring fashion trends. The topic of moustaches as a trend, which had since faded, came up in conversation. During their conversation, the men joked about bringing the moustache back!

Inspired by one of their friends mothers who was fundraising for breast cancer, they decided to make the campaign about men’s health and prostate cancer.

Since 2003, the Movember initiative has grown to over 5 million individuals globally. The rules which were discussed back in 2003, are still being used today!

Too many men are losing their life, way too early!

Below we have listed the five ways that Movember is making a difference to Men’s Health awareness and research.

  • Providing men the facts they require
  • Changing behaviours for the better
  • Developing services that work for men
  • Uniting the brightest minds to drive awareness and create change
  • Listening to the community and advocating for men’s health

Movembers Mission

  • To reduce the number of men dying each year by 25%
  • To reduce the number of men dying from prostate and testicular cancers by 50%
  • To reduce the number of men experiencing physical and mental side effects by 50%
  • To reduce the rate of male suicide by 25%

Highlights of Movember

Since 2003, Movember have achieved many milestones, which includes reaching a large audience and total funding in support of Men’s Health.

  • Campaign raised more than $100m in 2019
  • Movember has funded over 1,250 men’s health projects
  • Giving men the facts that they need
  • Changing behaviours and creating services that work for men
  • Uniting the brightest minds

Movata Progress Shots

The Movata Solutions team at the start of the month.

Movata Solutions at the start of the month

This afternoon we took a mo…ment to capture the guys’ growing moustaches.

Movata Solutions progress shot - mid month

This November Novata Solutions have been raising funds in support of the Movember campaign. Click on the link Movata Solutions to support our team.

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