Novata Solutions announces new sponsorship/ partnership with Calan Williams Racing

Novata Solutions and Calan Williams Racing announce their recently formed sponsorship/ partnership.

Novata Solutions work closely with the community, employees, clients, and other stakeholders to create positive outcomes for the community. Since opening in 2016 Novata Solutions have supported a variety of charities, community groups and causes, including: Share the Dignity, The My Heart Foundation 42.2km walk, and the RSPCA cupcake day.

This newly formed partnership/ sponsorship will benefit both Calan Williams Racing and Novata Solutions, allowing both teams to grow within both the local and global community.

“We are Proud to be sponsoring West Australian Calan Williams on his journey to F1” says Rinaldo De Paolis, Managing Director & Principal Consultant from Novata Solutions

“I am very excited to announce a brand-new sponsorship partnership with Novata Solutions. An exciting part of this partnership will be the build of a brand new Calan Williams Racing website to be launched very soon! Thank you to all the team at Novata Solutions and looking forward to the exciting times ahead.” says Calan Williams, F3 Driver at Calan Williams Racing

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About Calan Williams

Calan Williams is an inspiring young, West Australian Formula 3 driver – ranking in the top 50 drivers.  He is currently signed with Jenzer Motorsport for the 2020 FIA Formula 3 Championship.

About Novata Solutions

Novata Solutions are a leading independent provider of ICT services in Western Australia. The team are recognised as a Microsoft Gold Partner and leading partner of OutSystems Low-Code Application Developments across WA and Australia.

For more information on our partnership or to get in contact, please contact us on (08) 6168 9298 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Calan Williams Sponsorship

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