Application is a commonly-used word in today’s technological atmosphere, but what does it mean? Let’s delve a little deeper and understand the process behind application development and how it all comes to life. From conception to the visual product that we as consumers see and even struggle to live without!

Novata Solutions presents an eight-part series discussing application development and partnered OutSystems Low-Code Rapid Application Development.

7 Step Application Development Life-Cycle

  1. Planning - Identifying solution options
  2. Analysis - Documenting functional requirements
  3. Design - Considering UI and UX functionality and design
  4. Construction - Implementing design
  5. Testing - Testing for flaws and other manufacturing errors
  6. Implementation – Releasing the app for the wider public to use
  7. Support - Monitoring user experience and consistency

Until now, depending on the applications requirements this process could have taken a matter of weeks from conception, planning, construction & design to final deployment. OutSystems has developed a way to rapidly reduce deployment time, enabling developers to build and deploy an application faster than ever before, up to 50% - 75% faster in some cases.

Who are OutSystems?

OutSystems is a leading Digital Transformation company who have developed a Low-Code Rapid Application Development System - enabling developers to start small (in the build) and scale rapidly (in the deployment and metrics) on an application.

We have the most certified OutSystems engineers in Perth that understand the unique aspects of your business processes and can deliver solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

If there’s one thing that we love more than coffee, it’s showing you how an Application Development strategy can benefit your business. Let’s combine the two!

Dream BIG, Start Small, Scale Rapidly

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