Part one of five

Novata Solutions presents a five-part series entitled “Sharing is Caring”. This five-part series provides examples and best practices in using SharePoint Solution strategies to best optimise productivity within your business.

Office 365’s integrated SharePoint Solutions Platform has enabled a centralised point of contact for employers, employees and various other external stakeholders to communicate and collaborate on important agendas and documentation.

SharePoint Starter Kit

The starter kit is a solution designed for SharePoint Online providing numerous web part extensions and other customisable features and components.

With great out-of-the-box capabilities SharePoint Communication sites are easily customisable and include added features including:

  1. Automated provisioning and demo content
  2. Automated configuration of site scripts and designs
  3. Customisable Office UI Fabric and reusable PnP SPFx controls

SharePoint Starter Kit demonstrates how multiple techniques, PnP (patterns and practices) help build end-to-end solutions. The starter kit provides the below capabilities:

  1. Provision site collections using power shells
  2. Apply content and layouts to site collections
  3. Create and use site designs and site scripts
  4. Build custom web parts and extensions for your deployment
  5. Various extensions
  6. Hub configurations
  7. Automated provisioning

SharePoint Framework extensions include:

  1. Alert Notification
  2. Collaboration Footer
  3. Discuss Now
  4. Portal Footer
  5. Redirect
  6. Site Classification
  7. Tab Page

Key changes noted

  1. Documentation Improvements
  2. Additional language translations
  3. Code optimisations

‘Sharing is Caring’ presents insights into best practices and considerations when opting for a SharePoint Solution.

The team at Novata Solutions pride themselves on crafting the ultimate solution to increase your businesses productivity and communication.

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