2 Controlled Document Failures

Hands up if you have forgotten where you have stored a document before, or worse you have lost sight of who is currently editing/ approving the document!

Your heart might stop for a slight second as you try to regain memory of when, where, and who had access to a specific document. 

With paper-based tasks transforming into automated process, the struggles of remembering where you filed that latest document and/ or who had access to it last can now be carefully monitored. 

In this blog we discuss our top 3 paper-based fails and how to alleviate the situation or even start transforming these once fails into a digitally automated process. 

2 Paper-based Document Fails 

  1. Finding/ locating documents – Whether this be a paper-based or electronic document, it can be easy to lose sight and navigation of where the document in question was last stored. However, when investing in a digital solution these worries decrease as you will be able to use a search functionality to retrieve the misplaced document. This process is easily achieved working in a SharePoint Environment.  

2. Passing documents back and fourth - Having to knock on your Managers door or leave a document with a nice big sticky note “SIGN HERE” can be worrying, will they see and sign the document in time? Where will they place the document once signed etc… Using something like a SharePoint Solution allows you to @mention, comment, collaborate and easily send documents back and forth, saving each version as required. 

Why SharePoint 

A SharePoint Environment offers several seamless opportunities and benefits to business’s including.

  • Streamlined document management systems.
  • Integrations with Office 365 and a variety of other tools offered.
  • Provides flexible, scalable, and customisable solution.
  • Easily collaborate and communicate with one another.  

If there is one thing we love more than coffee, it is talking to you about a Digital Transformation solution suited to your business needs. 

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