Part two of five

Novata Solutions presents a five-part series entitled “Sharing is Caring”. This five-part series provides examples and best practices in using SharePoint Solution strategies to best optimise the productivity within your business.

The so-called ‘SharePoint PnP’ (Patterns and Practices) refers to Dev Ecosystem activities that are coordinated by SharePoint engineers. An open-source initiative where Microsoft and external community members share each other’s knowledge and implemented practices around various SharePoint components.

SharePoint PnP is coordinated by SharePoint engineers; however, it is dedicated to the wider SharePoint community as a means of communication and supportive network.

Supportability provided by Microsoft and the community:

  1. Guidance and samples
  2. Maintenance
  3. Support and recommended techniques

Numerous GitHub repositories have been initiated so that individuals can find what’s most relevant when understanding the PnP of a SharePoint Solution strategy.

Main resources to consider:

  1. SharePoint Development Portal and Blog
  2. SharePoint Dev Documentation
  3. SharePoint Dev Community
  4. PnP Community Discussions
  5. SharePoint Dev Videos on YouTube

‘Sharing is Caring’ presents insights into best practices and considerations when opting for a SharePoint Solution.

The team at Novata Solutions pride themselves on crafting the ultimate solution to increase your businesses productivity and communication.

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