4. SharePoint Dev Ecosystems

Part four of five

Novata Solutions presents a five-part series entitled “Sharing is Caring”. This five-part series provides examples and best practices in using SharePoint Solution strategies to best optimise the productivity within your business.

SharePoint CSOM stands for Client-Side Object Model which is defined as client applications that are accessible without being hosted or developed using a web service. CSOM provides access to SharePoint via various services with locally run codes.

 Three programming models used in CSOM include;

  • .Net Client-Side Object Model – This model is generally installed on Microsoft Azure Web Roles and Azure websites used to complete various web related tasks.
  • JavaScript Object Model – Based on a simple object-oriented paradigm where several variables can be created and changed.
  • Silverlight Object Model – A Silverlight object model enables you to build applications in Visual Studio in addition to adding code to your page.


Benefit of CSOM

  • Retrieve, update and manage data

‘Sharing is Caring’ presents insights into best practices and considerations when opting for a SharePoint Solution.

The team at Novata Solutions pride themselves on crafting the ultimate solution to increase your businesses productivity and communication.

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