Can you clearly define your brand? 

Your brand identity is integral to your business and how your audience perceives who you are! 

Brand Identity Defined 

This refers to what your brand says, what your brand values are, how you communicate your products and/ or services, and how you would like your target audience to interact with your brand. 

Establishing Your Brand Presence  

Below we have discussed five (5) ways which you can establish and build on your personal and/ or professional brand presence.

  1. Identify your personal and/ or brand Identity! Simple enough right?! This can be one of the most daunting and tedious activities to begin with, but once you have set the right foundations, you will be on your way to a successfully defined identity.
    • Simply start by drawing the shape of an individual (stick figures are my go too ? ) From here you can start identifying, 
      • Who they are.
      • What they look like.
      • What their interests are.
      • 5 words that describe them.
      • Who their audience is… both primary and secondary.
      • What their mission and values are.
  2. Develop a brand strategy! 
  3. This includes what colours, fonts, and other styles your brand will be associated with, consider your tone of voice (TOV) and point of view (POV) etc.
  4. Understand who your competitors are and what they are doing in the market.
  5. Create a strategy based on the above focused on the specific and relevant platforms to your brand and business. 
  6. Continually monitor and revise your brand strategy.

At Novata Solutions we are here and ready to talk about your business’ SEO Strategy. 

Establishing your brand authority

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