Part five of five

Novata Solutions presents a five-part series entitled “Sharing is Caring”. This five-part series provides examples and best practices in using SharePoint Solution strategies to best optimise the productivity within a business.

It’s time to wrap up SharePoint’s ‘Sharing is Caring’ Campaign, so let’s recap on all that we’ve discussed in this five-part series and over the course of 2018.


SharePoint is a cloud and web-based intranet that enables businesses to efficiently communicate, store and manage their content and data.

Core Functions

  • Manage and store documents in a hierarchal structure
  • Increase and optimise communication within the office and between external customers/ clients

Part One

SharePoint’s Starter Kit is an integral part to creating a successful SharePoint Solutions strategy and design. It automates processes and customises viewing of individual SharePoint interfaces.

Part Two

PnP, otherwise referred to as Patterns and Practices, is the overarching title describing Dev Ecosystem Activities. Supportability provided by PnP includes but, is not limited to guidance, maintenance and on-going support.

Part Three

Features of a SharePoint Solution strategy are extensive, with some of the most popular features including team sites, content sharing, intranets, mobile apps and workflows. Additional SharePoint features include the Search Tooltip and DLP Capabilities.

Part Four

SharePoint Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) defines various programming models that enable codes to be run locally. There are three programming models generally used including: .Net Client-Side Object Model, JavaScript Object Model and Silverlight Object Model. Benefits of these programming models include the ability to retrieve, update and manage data. 

Benefits of SharePoint

  • Increases Productivity – Communicate, collaborate and manage content and tasks with employees or internal clients in one place from any location, time or device.
  • Space Saving –SharePoint content is stored in the cloud and structured into tiers otherwise referred to as libraries.
  • Reduces Costs – Invest once! SharePoint’s agility and adaptability allows businesses to grow and change aligning with their needs.

An integral part of running a successful business is ensuring that your business applications are working to the best of their abilities. Be sure to get in contact with the team at Novata Solutions to develop a SharePoint Strategy that fits your business goals in 2019.

…and that’s a wrap! If you would like to learn or know more about SharePoint check out our weekly blogs from 2018 discussing SharePoint. 

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