Top Four Considerations

  1. Target Audience – Ensure you understand your target audience, their needs and skill set in using the application.
  2. Security – What security measures must be implemented to ensure that your company’s data and information are kept secure and confidential?
  3. Design -
    • Content is your interface
    • Single input field whenever possible
    • Create a conversation flow
    • Don’t overuse push notifications
  4. Future Proofing - Is your application adaptable and flexible with the ever-changing requirements of your business?

As with any project, there are a few careful considerations to be made when designing, building and deploying an application.

Some questions might include,

  • Will this application solve a broader problem within our company?
  • Who is our audience and what level of skill will they require to use the application?
  • How will it affect our employees and external stakeholders?
  • What do we expect the outcome to be by implementing this application?

OutSystems low-code applications offer users the ability to design, build and deploy customisable applications suited to the specific needs of their business.

Key Focuses

  • Understand your target users
  • Build user testing focus groups
  • Identify a minimally viable solution
  • Plan for multiple releases
  • Know what is out there
  • Decide on a technology you can live (and grow) with
  • Plan to analyse


Mobile Application Functionality

  • UI Development
  • UX Experience
  • Sensors
  • Secure and sophisticated offline


  • Pixel-perfect UX
  • Easily integratable within any system
  • Offline security and functionality
  • One-click deployment

Novata Solutions specialises in customising and deploying applications suited to your business’ needs. We have the most certified OutSystems engineers in Perth that understand the unique aspects of your business processes and can deliver solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

If there is one thing that we love more than coffee, it’s talking to you about developing an Application suited to your business, let’s combine the two.

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