Part 7. of Novata Solutions eight-part series discussing application development and OutSystems Low-Code Rapid Application Development.

Low-Code Digital Transformations are established in order to build a Rapid Application for a company.


  1. Scalable Architecture
  2. Enterprise Grade Governance
  3. Performance
    1. Design-time
    2. Automation
    3. Performance dashboards
  4. Security


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Managing Application Life Cycle (OutSystems 11)

  1. Application Deployment and Configuration: Automated deployment, become aware of the direct impact analysis of features.
  2. Hotfix Development and Deployment: Quality assurance to fix and test defects.
  3. IT User and Team Management: Control application management processes ensuring that they are fast, low risk and efficient.
  4. Security: Implied Content Security Policy.

OutSystems Low-Code Digital Transformations offer advanced features from design to deployment and security. Applications can be deployed on platforms including Cloud, AWS, Azure and Pivotal PAS – enabling flexibility and scalability varying on each company’s needs.

We have the most certified OutSystems engineers in Perth that understand the unique aspects of your business processes and can deliver solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Let us show you how an Application Development strategy can benefit your business.

Dream BIG, Start Small, Scale Rapidly

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