Tell your audience a story, whether this be a real-world experience or a fictional event, captivate your audience’s attention from the get-go. Therefore, increasing their trust and return on investment (ROI) with your business products and services.

Last week I struggled to find an interesting topic to captivate my audience and further engage their interest, provide useful information, or thought-provoking content that would increase their actions. Instead of continuing to rack my brains over a topic, I took to Google and my social channels to see what was trending and what conversations were already being had, to find the gap. Which in turn would captivate my audience and provide valuable content straight to their fingertips.

In line with adding value to your content marketing strategy, there are three stages to consider when developing your digital customer journey. This includes Awareness (see), Consideration (think), Purchase (Do). Each stage provides a series of thought-provoking questions to truly understand your business and target audience, these questions can be found in our recent blog titled “Sticky Content Marketing”.Below we discuss the three ways to add value during each stage of your digital customer journey.

  • Awareness (See): Here, your target audience becomes aware that they may be facing a problem.
    • Adding value at this stage is achieved by knowing the gap in your target audience and publishing content which is thought provoking and/or showcases that your business knows the situation and can resolve it.
  • Consideration (Think): Now, your target audience has defined their problem and are considering options to resolve it.
    • To add value at this stage requires you to create authority and build trust with your audience, products/services.
  • Purchase (Do): Lastly, your target audience will evaluate and decide whether the purchase is right for their requirements.
    • Adding value at the final stage means generating a reason for your audience to come back to your products/services.

Importance of Content Marketing

  • To educate your target audience including current, leads, and prospective.
  • To reach and convert new customers into sales.
  • To drive measurable results.
  • To build authority, loyalty, and trust with your target audience.
  • To create a sense of community where your target audience can resonate with your brand and purpose.

Adding Value

  • Address commonly asked questions.
  • Focus on solving a problem.
  • “Be a curator of knowledge” and link to additional resources.
  • Showcase real-world solutions

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