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Search Engine Optimisation commonly referred to as SEO is the process of organically ranking above the fold in Google (top five on page one of Google) and alternative search engines.

If your business is below the fold than you are missing out on potential views and visits!

Three key factors to ranking organically on Google and alternative search engines include;

  1. Identifying and applying relevant search phrases to your website and social platforms
  2. Creating credible content
  3. Building and implementing internal and external links


An algorithm refers to how a webpage is read, it then calculates and indexes pages accordingly to the rules it meets.

Google rolls out monthly algorithm updates, ensuring that content being pushed out into the world wide web is credible, relevant and holds authority. Below are five algorithms that Google has implemented to crawl and index information that is published on the internet.

Top Five Algorithms

  1. Panda – Its primary objective is to lessen the number of low-quality sites appearing above the fold within a Google search result. There are three triggers that can significantly affect your ranking including;
  • Low-quality content
  • Duplicate data
  • Thin content
  1. Penguin – Specifically focusing on backlinks within a website. There are four triggers that can affect where your website ranks including;
  • Low-quality links
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Spammy sites
  • Unethical practice of purchasing links
  1. Hummingbird – Focusing on being precise and indexing the meanings of a word or phrase providing related results.

Note: Be weary of exact-match keywords and keyword stuffing as this can trigger the Hummingbird algorithm and decrease the ranking of your website.

  1. Pigeon – Focusing on relevance and user location to provide relevant search options. Triggers include;
    - Inconsistencies with NAP (Name, Address and Phone numbers for your business)
    - Lack of presence within local directories and alternate listings
  2. Mobilegeddon – An innovative step in algorithms Google’s Mobile-Friendly update focuses on filtering through mobile-centric pages and examining the user experience quality on smaller screens. Triggers affecting your mobile ranking include;
  • Lack of mobile optimised pages, views and configurations

Google Algorithms crawl and index millions of pages with an aim to push authoritative and credible websites to the top.

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