There are benefits and downfalls to both but when should you use one over the other?

Asynchronous vs Synchronous can be hard to initially digest, but once you understand the basics of each programming tool, it can be a lot easier to understand and use for the right projects.

Asynchronous Defined

Enables you to move onto another task, before the previous tasks have been completed. An Asynchronous program allows you to manage and deal with multiple requests simultaneously.

Synchronous Defined

This sought of program can only be completed one at a time with the next task only being unblocked once the first task has been completed.

OutSystems recognises the need for an Asynchronous program platform to deliver seamless mobile applications. Using a modern, AI-powered application platform, OutSystems offers several capabilities to keep your app development running smoothly.

  • Timers
  • Business Process Technology (BPT)
  • Light Processes

Additional capabilities

  • Retry on error
  • Time out protection
  • Queue management
  • Scalability vs paralysation
  • Isolation

If there is one thing we love more than coffee, it is talking to you about developing an application suited to your business requirements.

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