Azure is recognised as a global cloud service solution that leverages off your favourite Microsoft products to build and host seamless business solutions.

What are Cloud Services?

A Cloud Service refers to the instant availability and access via the internet from a cloud computing providers server opposed to a company’s own on-premises server.

Below we’ve researched and answered six questions you should know about Azure Cloud Services.


  • What is Azure Cloud Services? Azure is a leading, global cloud service provider helping businesses easily and securely meet their requirements – eliminating the need for server infrastructure and quickly building, deploying, and managing modern applications.

  • Where is Azure Cloud Service stored/ located? Azure has multiple global cloud providers, offering scalability.

        The Facts

  • 58 Azure regions
  • Availability in 140 countries
  • Up to 1.6 Pbps of bandwidth in a region
  • Why should I invest in MS Azure / What are the benefits? The benefits include but are not limited to being cost-efficient, scalable, reliable, secure, and provides an overall global reach to meet the needs of your business requirements.

  • How does MS Azure work? In laymen’s term Microsoft Azure securely manages your business data. Watch the video linked here to disciver more.

  • Does Microsoft Azure offer Hybrid Solutions? Yes, Microsoft Azure offers easy hybrid solutions to seamlessly transition your business to the cloud in an efficient manner.

  • How can Novata Solutions help and support me in my businesses transition to the cloud? At Novata Solutions we take pride in what we do, taking ownership of your business problems and supporting you every step of the way while transferring your business to the cloud.

Discover more about Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Solution and what it can offer you in our next blog discussing the benefits of Azure Cloud Services for your business.

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