Office 365’s integration with SharePoint has enabled companies to easily collaborate, store and manage documents in one easy location.

The way that businesses communicate has never been easier than now!

This is due to SharePoint’s Business to Business (B2B) Extranet Environment which is allowing businesses to efficiently communicate and collaborate with third party stakeholders, partner and/ or clients.  

SharePoint Extranet Defined

Extranets are a way to securely do business with other businesses.

Although similar to a SharePoint Intranet, an Extranet is defined as a portal accessed by third parties and partners. A SharePoint B2B Extranet enables businesses to build seamless and secure communication channels.


  • Managing Third-party Access
  • Security Model
  • Document Management
  • Social Communication
  • Security & Scalability
  • Mobile Application


  • Shared with partners or customers through a secure and private network
  • Offer communication and support overseas through authentic procedures
  • Flexibility in access and configuration
  • Implement shared or separate Azure Directory Infrastructure (AD)

Why Choose SharePoint’s Business to Business Extranet

Choosing SharePoint’s Business to Business Extranet will offer your business multiple opportunities and enhance the way that your company communicates with external stakeholders and clients in a secure and efficient manner.

As SharePoint continues to update feature applications, there is so much more you can accomplish including:

  • Communicate and collaborate through mobile applications
  • Secured Sharing features including; restricted partner access
  • Governance and Audit Reporting

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