Do you love a well-defined list?

Lists are a great way to organise, track and maintain projects, tasks and assets within a company.

Office 365s integration with SharePoint allows businesses to boost efficiency and effectiveness in communication. A SharePoint list offers employers and employees the agility and flexibility to manage lists i.e. asset registers, projects and/or task lists along with several other types used within a company.   

SharePoint List

SharePoint lists are defined as a collection of data that you and your co-workers can easily create, manage and edit.

Ways to work with SharePoint lists

  • Provides the ability to track versions and history details – this is a fantastic feature that allows your company to monitor data/ information as you evolve.
  • Customise and set approvals and permissions – Control who has access and make changes.
  • Create and manage views – Allowing you to preview the information in a way that is easy to read and digest.

Types of Lists

There are several types of lists depending on what and how your company intend on collecting and managing data on, for example;

  • Assets register
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Discussion boards
  • KPIs
  • Projects/ Tasks
  • Surveys

Or other customised lists


  • Ability to create and filter views
  • Set unique permissions
  • Integration of Flow and PowerApps
  • Ability to Export information to Excel
  • Versioning control

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