Benefits of Remote Access & Cloud Services

Communication, collaboration and overall workflow is paramount in running a successful business.

But, when working from remote locations, how do you ensure employees are able to access relevant folders, files and communicate with each other in a timely manner?!

A Cloud Service provides businesses the ability to work from remote locations whilst still accessing all relevant folders, files and communication channels to work collaboratively and in an efficient manner.  

Cloud Services Defined

A Cloud Service refers to the instant availability and access via the internet from a cloud computing providers server opposed to a company’s own on-premises server.

Why should I invest in a Cloud Service Solution?

Cloud Services increase business flexibility enabling anyone with an internet connection to access their work within the office or from remote locations i.e. from a café or at home.

  • Space Saving - Reduce your IT footprint with wireless devices and limited servers on-premises: creating more space for things that matter like collaborative spaces for your employees.
  • Overall lowered costs– With a Cloud Services Solution you only pay for the space that you require, therefore reducing the overall cost for extensive on-site infrastructure.
  • Increased Accessibility, Scalability and Flexibility - A Cloud Service solution allows employees to work from anywhere, any device at any time without the constraints of having to work in the office. This allows employees to work more efficiently and easily communicate with each other while on the go.
  • Enhanced Security – Considered as the ultimate back-up system as a team of professionals monitor and regularly update your cloud environment.
  • Automated Processes - This provides businesses with peace of mind in mundane activities that can be controlled and monitored from a single workflow.

If you’re considering investing in a Cloud Services Solution or would like to learn more about what we can offer and how we can help your business succeed contact our fully certified team.

Contact us to discuss a Cloud Service Solution suited to your business requirements today. 

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