Microsoft Forms Explained

Refers to a web-based application within the Office 365 suite that enables users to easily create surveys, quizzes and polls.

A SharePoint Solution Strategy is considered an industry leading platform for business intranets providing document management and collaboration functionalities.

What’s your biggest fear when creating and sending out a form?

  • Are you afraid of not targeting the right audience?
  • Not being able to easily export and analyse the information?
  • Create visually appealing forms?
  • Collaborate with other colleagues to ensure all the right questions are asked and answered?

Top Four

  1. Form Prompts – Microsoft Forms will analyse your questions and assist users with their answers with a prompt. For example, if your question starts with “Did you…”, then the form will prompt users with Yes, No, and Maybe before answering the rest of the question.
  2. Share with your targeted audience – Microsoft Forms gives you the option to default with colleagues or external stakeholders.
  3. Collaboration Feature – Microsoft Forms provides the option to collaborate with multiple individuals whilst creating the form.
  4. Adding Customisations – There are several features that you can customise including but not limited to, time limitations, shuffle questions amongst your audience and a customised ‘Thank you’ message.



  • User friendly environment.
  • Easily export results into an excel spread sheet.
  • Integratable with SharePoint and Microsoft Flow.
  • The form can be shared externally.

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