Are you able to identify the difference between a native mobile and responsive design?

Choosing the right mobile application can be tough and if you’re not sold on the purpose of your application, then knowing which design would best suit your next mobile app might be harder to define.

In this blog we discuss two types of application developments and have also provided a comparative table to distinguish the differences between both.

What’s a Reactive App?

A Reactive Web App is a responsive interface that runs in a web browser. There are three main factors including.

  • One development paradigm for web and mobile applications.
  • Create a responsive UX.
  • Applications run on a modern stack.

What’s a Mobile App?

A Mobile Application is an app that complies a native mobile Android/ iOS application interface. The app has capabilities to work offline as it is able to cache data in its local storage. There are two main ways that you can distribute a Mobile Application.

  • Distributed via the app store.
  • Progressive web apps (PWA) distributed and installed directly from your website.

The Differences

We have defined the differences between both types of mobile applications below.

Reactive Web


Mobile App

Uses a common logic.

Code Reusability

Only supports native mobile platforms.

Uses a browser – no installation is required.

Runs in

Android and iOS devices.

A Responsive layout no matter the device (screen size).

User Experience

Dedicated patterns specific to mobile UI.


Offline Capabilities

Uses local storage.

Automatic when users refresh their browser.

Deployment & updates

Automatic, unless the native shell is changed.

Sharing the application link.


Through the app store.

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