Microsoft Azure is a Cloud Service Solution that helps your organisation meet your business challenges. An Azure Cloud Service offers future-readiness to build solutions on your terms, operating as a hybrid solution and being one of the cloud services that you can trust.

Azure offers businesses the complete peace of mind in deploying complete, intelligent solutions which enhance creativity and collaboration.

Top Four Q&A

  • What is Microsoft Azure? Azure, is a cloud service solution provider allowing businesses to build, deploy and manage service applications from any device, time and location.
  • Can Azure operate as a Hybrid Cloud Solution? Yes, Microsoft Azure allows for a hybrid solution enabling you to integrate and manage your environments with tools and services designed for hybrid cloud solutions.
  • What are the top two Azure Services?
    • Azure DevOps – This is ideal for smarter planning and increased collaboration as it ensures a faster delivery. Azure DevOps leverage on agile tools for planning, tracking, and discussions for work amongst various teams.
    • Virtual Machines – Another addition to the core services and features in Azure Services is Virtual Machines, where Linux and Windows virtual machines (VMs) are created and deployed in a matter of seconds.
  • What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure? There are several benefits to an Azure Cloud Service Solution including but not limited to;
    • The ability to scale on demand
    • Allows for hybrid capability
    • Cost efficient solution
    • Simple, reliable and secure platform

Investing in a cloud service solution will enable your business to become more flexible and scalable moving forward.

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