Definition of SEO & Thematic Cluster (Quality, Quantity, Organic)

Thematic cluster refers to a topic cluster model. This refer to the way search engines organise page content for a deliberate, site architecture. Overtime this will helps your business ranking as its content will prove to be a more valuable source of information.

Using a thematic cluster will ensure that a more organised and structured approach to your website and SEO is adhered to.

Defining each Pillar

  • Pillar: A pillar page refers to an individual web page that covers one major topic.
  • Internal Linking: An internal link or hyper link refers to a “thread” where two pages are joined. Internal links are just one way which help search engines crawl and index your site in order to build authority, credibility and trust.
  • Cluster Content: This refers to the supporting content pieces reiterating the specific pillar and why your business can be identified as a credible source.

Importance of Topic Clusters

It is suggested that targeting one topic, is key to creating a successful thematic cluster. We have provided three reasons why thematic clusters are important.

  • Enabling keyword searches to be more fluid as topics are personalised “clustered” into groups.
  • Search engines find it easier to understand semantically related concepts.
  • Semantically marked content is seen to be more authoritative and trustworthy.

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