The once dream of automated workflows and accessibility from any device, at any time is now a reality!

A SharePoint Solution is a platform where businesses both large and small can easily communicate, collaborate, manage, and store their business information in one, central and secure online location.


Digitisation is a process referring to the conversion of information from a paper-base to digital format. There are several benefits to digitising a business’s paper-based processes including.

  • Increased and improved communications.
  • Increased efficiencies in search and navigation of documents.
  • Increased accessibility of documents and workflows.

3 Issues with Paper Processes  

A paper-based process refers to storing information on ‘paper’, rather than an electronic device such as a computer. Paper-based processes are a great starting point however, as time has progressed and as with any process some notable flaws have come to light. 

These flaws include a decrease in productivity, limited accessibility and file management and an increase in security and compliance risks. 

  1. Decrease in productivity – With a paper-based process, you are required to fill in a sheet and/ or several sheets of paper, before either filing them away, sending them off to the next individual for additional comments and/ or approval. Transforming this into a digital process, such as a SharePoint Solution. 
  2. Limited accessibility and file management  File management and remembering where you have stored a particular file can be overwhelming and cause some frustration, this also reflects on the accessibility should you or your co-worker be working off site at any given time.
  3. Increase in security and compliance – Being paper, there is generally limited available copies and therefore if it’s a highly confidential document security becomes even more integral than ever. 

Identifying the Digitisation Process 

Initiating your Digital Transformation can be daunting, however, with the right process in place the migration over can be seamless. 

  1. Identify – To start, there are some key questions you should ask yourself, including but not limited too. 
    • What limitations are you currently facing?
    • What roles and permissions will my employees require? 
  2. Document – This will help create a seamless migration and ensure that all areas required are focused on.
  3. Delivery – Here the above defined areas are implemented. 

We are a leading provider of SharePoint Solutions in Western Australia. If there is one thing we love more than coffee, it is working with you to deliver your next Digital Transformation.

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