Amazon Web Services span across 245 countries and territories and 76 availability zones.

Define AWS

Amazon Web Services commonly referred to as AWS is recognised as a Global Cloud Infrastructure. Offering businesses, the most secure, extensive, and reliable Cloud Computing environments from any location, device, and time.

AWS Product offerings

  • Analytics – Streamlining data, gain actionable insights and quickly respond to your business needs.
  • Application Integration – Develop with agility, scalability, innovation, and confidence.
  • IoT Internet of Things – Offering layers of managed cloud services.
  • Management and Governance – Providing business agility and governance.
  • Migration Transfers – Allowing you to check the progress of your applications across multiple devices.
  • Robotics – Allowing intelligent, sophisticated systems to easily deliver solutions offering search, assistance, and environmental monitoring.
  • Security, Identity & Compliance – Secure and manage workloads and applications from one place.
  • Storage – Enabling a gateway hybrid storage solution that enables your on-premise, applications to be seamlessly used.

The Importance of a Cloud Service Infrastructure

Provides an increase in efficiency through its accessibility, reduced costs, and secure security infrastructure and disaster recovery

Offering flexibility through increased scalability, a selection of cloud services tools tailored to your business needs, cloud options including private, public and hybrid followed by a SaaS, PaaS and IaaS infrastructure.

Four key factors investing in AWS Cloud Services include,

  1. Prevention
  2. Detection
  3. Response
  4. Remediation

AWS Hybrid Cloud Service Solutions

An Amazon Web Service provides consistency in experiences across on-premises and hybrid environments. The two main options that AWS offer include: VMware Cloud on AWS and AWS Outposts.  

Why my business should choose AWS

AWS offers businesses the opportunity to securely develop, implement, manage, and monitor their cloud services in real-time solutions.

An Amazon Web Service is engineered to meet the highest demands of your business services including, security, compliance, hybrid, and scalable solutions.

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