Microsoft is considered a global cloud computing service provider for businesses both large and small.

What is Cloud Computing?

In laymen’s terms, Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services that include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence, via the internet. In this case, the term internet also typically refers to “the cloud”.

Overall, “The Cloud” refers to a faster, innovative, flexible, and economically scalable solution for businesses.

In fact, there are two meanings behind Cloud Computing, its infrastructure, and capabilities.

The first meaning of Cloud Computing is referred to as a “public cloud” where business’ build, manage and store their data in remote data server services.

The second meaning of Cloud Computing is described as an online, virtualised pool of resources that are available on demand.

There are three main types of Cloud Computing.

  • Public Refers to a third-party service infrastructure provider.
  • Private – This form of cloud service is exclusively owned and managed by a company, including hardware and software being physically located on the company’s on-site data center.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Referring to a combination that allows data and applications to be shared.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Cost effective – By eliminating capital expenses on hardware and software set up and maintenance costs.
  • Increased speed – Enabling a vast amount of computing resources to be provisioned in a matter of minutes.
  • Globally recognised and scalable – Enhancing the delivery of IT Services and resources, right when it is required.
  • Increase in business productivity, performance, and reliability – Allows employees to work on projects effectively and efficiently from remote locations, all devices and at any time.
  • Enhanced security measures – Offering a broad set of policies and controls to strengthen a business’ security posture.

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