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Since Google algorithms major update in August 2018, the acronym E-A-T has played an even greater role in web page rankings.  

What does E-A-T Stand for?




Why should I follow the E-A-T Method?

Think about your users, they want to see and read credible, reliable, and relatable content.

But how can this be achieved?

  • Consider asking someone within your organisation questions about a specific product or service that you offer and their viewpoint.
  • Be sure to introduce this individual and state their role and responsibilities within the company. Remember, readers like human connection and interaction.

Enabling the above two points will seamlessly generate trustworthiness between your readers and content.

How to E-A-T your way through Google Algorithms

  1. Establish yourself and brand as a top player in the specific space for example, getting a lot of authoritative mentions from experts within your field.
  2. Be clear in your call to action and the way your content is visually displayed.
  3. Eliminate thin content as this form of content is seen as less credible and trustworthy.

Best Practices F-A-B

  • Focus Topics: Consider what topic you want to promote as well as what discussions your target audience would most likely read and want to know more information about.
    • Top Two Tips
      1. Ensure your content is fresh
      2. Ensure it is of a high quality
  • Author Visibility: Recognising the author who wrote and published the content provides your target audience and Google’s Algorithm with someone who is more authoritative, putting a name to the content being written. Also try including information about the author like a short description or link to LinkedIn for further clarity.
  • Brand Strength: Establishing a brand relationship builds trust, authority, credibility, and trustworthiness. Remember who your audience is and what you are trying to promote.

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