Are you looking for a way to streamline repetitive tasks and create paperless processes for a more efficient and seamless way of keeping your business running?

In 2020 Digital Transformations within a business accounted for 45%, with each company also recognising and reporting a higher net revenue growth.

Power Apps Defined

Microsoft Power Apps refers to a suite of applications, services, connectors and data platforms that can provide and store your businesses data.

A Power App provides rich business logic and workflow capabilities to digitally transform and make  automated processes readily available.

There are many benefits in using Power Apps, with one of the most beneficial and recognised features being its Mobile Readiness. Power Apps allows you to develop applications that are user friendly on all types of devices therefore, enabling remote workers easy accessibility.

Power Automate Defined

Originally referred to as Microsoft Flow, Power Automate, is a cloud-based service that allows employees to create automotive workflows and tasks across multiple applications and services. Digital Automation is allowing business to increase workflows and productivity, eliminating outdated processes with measurable benefits.

A Power Automate application allows business to;

  • Automate business processes.
  • Send automatic reminders.
  • Connect with over 300 other data sources.
  • Automate mundane processes.

Transforming Outdated into Automated

From outdated technologies to automated processes, here’s the reasons why you need to change!

  • Boosting Productivity
  • Generate automations quickly and more securely
  • Put intelligent workflows to work!
  • Provide quick data insights
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase operational stability
  • Improves customer satisfaction

As a leading SharePoint Solutions provider, we work with you to understand the unique aspects of your business processes to deliver solutions that are tailored to your business requirements.

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