Extensions in OutSystems

OutSystems is an internationally recognised, leading Low-Code Rapid Application Development platform enabling developers and employers to visually develop an entire application within a matter of days, or even hours.

An extension in OutSystems refers to a set of actions, structures, and entities allowing integrations with external systems.

This month’s (July) Perth OutSystems Meetup discussion will delve into the topic of Extensions in OutSystems and how you can efficiently and effectively use the below extensions to proactively design, build and develop an OutSystems Application.

Types of Extension Elements

There are four types of extensions commonly used when building an OutSystems application, this includes;

  • Actions – Refers to the correspondence of functionality that you want to expose in the extension.
  • Structures – Correspond to more complex data types.
  • Entities - Defines the linking between tables that exist outside OutSystems
  • Resources – Refers to the implementation of defined actions and/or support other actions/ aspects of an extension.

Discover more in this month’s OutSystems User Group Meetup Perth!

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Why Choose OutSystems?

  1. Agility – DevOps capabilities, automatic build validation, one-click deployment, integrated user feedback and application performance.
  2. Security & Scalability - Size or complexity met with the highest security.
  3. Award-Winning Mobility - Deliver versatile apps that work anywhere on any device.

An OutSystems Low-Code Rapid Application Development will digitally transform and enhance your customers overall experience, increase brand awareness and useability of a company’s applications.

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