What is Infrastructure as a Service?

How does it tie in with Azure Cloud Services?

Can Azures IaaS keep up with the needs of my growing business?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service provider that offers various services and categories of cloud computing.

Infrastructure as a Service is just one way which Azure can help increase, support, and securely maintain your business data.

Infrastructure as a Service Defined

Infrastructure as a Service or more commonly referred to as IaaS is a form of instant computing infrastructure that is provisioned and managed over the internet.

What is Microsoft Azure’s Role?

Microsoft Azure is just one type of cloud computing service provider that manages your infrastructure, while you purchase, install, configure, and manage your own software including operating systems, middleware and other applications.

How can IaaS increase my business productivity?

  • Test and development – IaaS offer quick and economical scaling up or down for test environments.
  • Website hosting – Decrease expenses in contrast to traditional web hosting.
  • Storage, back-up, and recovery – Efficiently handle unpredictable demand and steadily increase storage needs as required.
  • Web Apps – Providing the necessary infrastructure to support all web applications including, storage, servers and network resources along with easily scaling infrastructure to meet needs.
  • Big Data Analysis - IaaS provides the capability to deliver massive data sets, containing valuable patterns, trends and associations.

What are the advantages of IaaS?

  • Reduce overall expenses and ongoing costs
  • Increase, improve and innovate business processes
  • Increase stability, reliability, and supportability
  • Enhanced security
  • Release new applications faster

Getting Started with MS Azure IaaS

Azures IaaS can help your business quickly create a secure and scalable infrastructure – while decreasing costs, planning and management. It allows you to,

  • Rapidly provision infrastructure
  • Easily deploy hybrid environments
  • Increase security
  • Reduce overall costs as onsite infrastructure is not required

Discover more about Microsoft Azure and what it can offer you in our next blog discussing Discovering more about MS Cloud Computing.

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