An astonishing 86% of people will look up the location of a business on Google Maps before venturing out to the business.

Do you have a Google My Business account set up?

A Google My Business account is essentially your business’ autobiography.


‘A free tool that enables you to promote your business profile through Google Searches and Maps’


  • What’s the purpose and why should I invest in a Google My Business account? Your Google My Business profile will allow you to connect with your users online, provide key information for your users to connect and contact the business, post updates to your business, customers are able to leave reviews and photos. A Google My Business account allows you to be found online via search and maps at any time, provided the right key words are searched.

  • How much does a Google My Business account cost? It’s free!
  • Why does Google require me to verify my business? By verifying the business, Google are able to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the business and so have permissions to manage all aspects of your business.

  • Will a Google My Business account help with my SEO Strategy? In short, yes. Any form of content and link building which are both provided within a Google My Business account can help increase the findability of your websites online presence. As a content marketer, I ensure to post and update the business profile regularly for better optimisation.

As with any platform, technology, products and services there are an array of benefits which will be integral in the long run.


  • Business Autobiography includes phone, location, business hours, years established.
  • Location specific.
  • Customer Reviews.
  • Written and visual content.

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