As a business owner, we want to ensure that our content stays engaging, evergreen and effective in communicating our products, services and offerings while also ranking high for search engines such as Google and Bing!

Even though Google’s search engine accounts for the majority of searches globally, Bing still holds around 21% of the search market... and with that said in this blog we have put both search engines in the boxing ring. We will discuss the main differences between both search engines and what each search engine focuses on when crawling, indexing and ranking your website.




Focuses on identifying natural word patterns.


Focuses on anchor text, keywords and tags including H1 & H2.

Displays the most freshes content, considering its relevance and domain authority.

Content Maturity

The older the content the more authority Bing captures.

Based on quality and quantity.


Favours websites with less backlinks. (not a deciding factor)

Favouring text based content.


Favours visual content.

Google’s bots will spend the time crawling through all of a websites contents. Then decide on it’s ranking.


Bing’s bots will only crawl its way through the first part of a websites content before concluding its ranking.

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