What security measures do you have in place within your business?

Security is an integral part of any application development. What are you doing to ensure your business’ data stays safe and secure?!

There are three letters which make up the principles of this security triangle including confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

The CIA Security Triangle

  • Confidentiality – Refers to authorised users and processes who should be able to access and/ or modify data.
  • Integrity – Data should be maintained and not allow just anyone to modify data.
  • Availability – The authorised users should be able to access data, when required.

Best Practices for each stages of the Triangle

  • Confidentiality
    • All data should be handled based on organisations required privacy.
    • Ensure access and control lists have the right permissions and those who have the right access.
  • Integrity
    • Ensure access, security, and version controls are relevant and timely.
    • Ensure that your employees are knowledgeable and compliant with your business rules and regulations in storing data.
  • Availability
    • Use up to date and secure network and server monitoring tools.
    • Be sure to implement a Business Continuity (BC) plan.

Other Practices

  • Avoid storing sensitive data on devices.
  • Only store small snippets of sensitive information.
  • Store sensitive attributes in local storage entities.
  • Re-validate data in the server.

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