Introduction to Microsoft’s Better Together

The global pandemic has led to several business’s looking for ways to increase and drive accelerated, data-driven application development and innovation.

Microsoft provides a low-code power platform enabling businesses to increase collaboration and data-driven insights therefore, delivering more solutions that provide greater efficiency, security, and compliance.  Their tag line “Powerful alone. Better together”, enables a business to make confident and informed decisions, using data-driven and artificially intelligent tools.

A vision to drive increased, rapid analytics was implemented and powered by a vision from Microsoft titled “Triple-A-Loop”, this included cloud-based services: Power BI, PowerApps and Flow. In an earlier discussion the “Triple-A-Loop” defined the implementation and process allowing users to gain insights from data used to drive intelligent business processes.

The Power of Three

The power of three represents the top performing low code analytical tools when combined is a game-changer providing empowering insights of a business’s data analytics.

  • Power BI: Unifying data to create interactive and immersive dashboards and reports.
  • PowerApps: Generate workflows that are filled with rich, custom data and streamlined process.
  • Flow: Deliver automation to streamline repetitive tasks.

Delivering business rich features

  • Rich in capabilities offering increased set of automated and augmented analytics.
  • AI-powered services, such as text, sentiment, and image analytics.
  • The increasing integration of Power BI into Microsoft Teams, with its tens of millions of daily active users, will inevitably further increase Power BI’s reach in the world of remote working.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, demonstrated through our technical expertise and high-quality results achieved in our client work and internally.

Let’s combine the two.

Let's work together

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