Largest Content Paint commonly referred to as LCP refers to the measure of time taken for the largest web pages content to load / be visible. According to the Core Web Vitals guide a perfect load time sits at 2.5 seconds, where anything between 2.5 seconds and 4.0 seconds will need improvements and anything above 4.0 seconds needs urgent attention!

There are several elements that clock up your websites LCP time. Therefore, in order to have a perfect LCP time you will need to consider the following 4 Elements.

4 Elements  

  1. Images format and size.
  2. Video format, size and where the video has been pulled from.
  3. Background images. 
  4. Large text blocks, including specialised formats, styles and sizes.

How can I identify poor LCP on my website?  

LCP plays an integral part to your websites visibility and engagement and should not be brushed to the side with other website/ digital marketing activities. If your target audience are unable to decipher your websites content quickly and efficiently, they will more than likely exit and move onto the next website that is able to provide fast load times and efficient information. To avoid your target audience exiting your website abruptly and in turn significantly increasing your bounce rate, which is NOT WHAT YOU WANT. Invest time in analysing these two activities and use best practices to optimise them.

Top Two (2) Best Practices 

  1. Slow Server Response Time – Analyse your website hosting provider/ server being sure to opt for a quality, high server plan and/or dedicated network server for your website.
  2. Resource Load Times, Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS – Remember to optimise all visual content, whether this be adding alternative text, creating a more sustainable quality and size and the type of format used in images. If referring to a video, instead of hosting this on your website, consider having a YouTube Chanel and hosting them here, this will significantly increase the load times on your website too. 

Your websites LCP is integral to the optimisation of your website and where it ranks on Google and other search engines. Therefore, be sure to create quarterly even monthly reminders to check-in on your websites content, load times, and optimisation of all visual and written content. 

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