There are four steps to writing “good content!”.

First, we need to know what makes content “good” and how you should approach written content in your marketing strategy.   

Good content is any content that assists in reaching, engaging, and succeeding in your call to action (CTA). Whether the content is long or short form, what matters most is how your target audience engages with your content and where they are drawn to afterwards. This leads us to sticky content, but we will get back to that shortly.

Content marketing starts by knowing your purpose: Why are you writing what you are writing? How is it of value to your target audience?  If you are struggling to answer these questions, you will have to take a step back, preferably to the drawing board to clearly articulate what it is you are writing, its purpose and relevance to your intended audience.

The Foundations

Every good content marketing strategy is built on the premise of the following four foundations. These foundations will assist you in clearly identifying, creating, and scheduling a marketing strategy suited to your business requirements.

  • Your strategic plan – What is your purpose and who do you want to reach in your content marketing strategy? 
  • Your positioning – What is your brand personality and who are your competitors? 
  • Your value proposition – What value are you providing your audience, what will make them stick around and choose your business over a competitor? 
  • Your business case – What are your business goals? What do you expect to achieve out of them?

How did you go in answering the above questions?

Did you get a better grasp on your overall business strategy?

If you are still looking for the right answers, why not consider a brainstorm, or contact us for some assistance. These four foundations tie in with our next blog Sticky Content.

Top five benefits

Like any marketing strategy there are a range of benefits of content marketing, including but not limited to: 

  • Increased organic search traffic.
  • Builds expertise, authority, and trust. 
  • Increase in brand awareness.
  • Defined brand personality.
  • Increase in conversations and quality leads.

At Novata Solutions we are here and ready to talk about your business’s SEO Strategy.  

Let it stick! 

Starting the conversation with sticky content marketing.  

Sticky content marketing refers to content that interests and engages your audience, to continue wanting more. Whether this be from a landing page to an eBook or another form of content, it is content that “sticks” in your audiences mind, wanting them to consume more.

Discover more about content marketing and how to make your audience stick in our upcoming blog. 

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