It’s a discussion we have with family, friends and even work colleagues all the time. But a discussion that’s probably held a little too lightly.

That one phrase we are asked all too often… “Why aren’t you smiling?”

The reply generally starts with a hesitant smile followed by an awkward pause before a long “Ummmmm…”

From small smiles BIG smiles GROW
Nearing the end of 2018, Peter and Karl took some time out to reflect on the year that had past. They discovered purpose and decided to focus more on what drives happiness and wellness amongst family, friends and colleagues. Together, they initiated a project based on driving happiness within the workplace and communities focusing on an individual's overall wellness and drive.


A movement to generate discussions regarding workplace wellness and drive happier and healthier people both at work and at home.

The Live Smiles Initiative

  • Customise Bots for employees to engage and learn from.
  • Live Smiles selfie showcase
  • Supportive bot/ tile that asks’ “How are you feeling?” depending on the number selected provides advice
  • Gamify your employees work environment with fun, interactive visuals to track progresses
  • Certified resources and discussion about wellness and up-coming local events
  • Building connections with local experts
  • Visually track individual wellness processes to create a more networked environment
  • Build and integrate Live Smiles initiatives for all ages not only within the workforce, but for K-12 and the elderly as well
  • Not restricted to a single device or environment therefore constructing a mobile app

The Live Smile Plan

Initiated in late 2018 Live Smiles Today was launched – to drive community awareness and involvement.

  • LiveSmiles Version 1 was launched in November 2018
  • LiveSmiles Version 2 – focusing on K-12
  • LiveSmiles Version 3 – focusing on Aged Care


Team Players

To make this initiative successful, there have been many contributors to promoting awareness, improving quality and furthering development of Live Smiles.

  • Live Tiles – Drive awareness, listen and learn from the community
  • Partners – Extend networks and add value
  • Experts – Advocate and share
  • Advocates/ Potential Customers – Connect through growing communities
  • Current Customers – Implement Live Smiles in your community


  • Accelerate wellness communities in your workplace
  • Initiate discussion and change for a pursuit of happiness and health in the workplace

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