A SharePoint Environment is described as an online system enabling companies to collaborate and manage information and communication in one central location.

Types of Environments

  1. Online
  2. On Premise
  3. Hybrid

Keep your SharePoint Environment Clutter FREE

  1. User Management: Ensure that orphaned user accounts are properly deactivated to avoid misuse access and once granted permissions.
  2. Storage and Content limits: Use relevant names for documents and files ensuring they are saved in a hierarchal order.
  3. Content and Findability: Information architecture to build and index content.



  • Centralised Administration Functionality: Effectively control and maintain an entire SharePoint site.
  • Customisable: Provide tools to generate unique user experiences.
  • Collaboration: Easily stay informed and connected with a SharePoint environment.
  • Site Consolidation: Reduce costs by having sites incorporated under the one platform.
  • Security and Integrity: Provide security at all levels of a SharePoint environment.
  • Easy Navigation: Creating a user friendly interface.

SharePoint Solutions Strategies are helping businesses to build effective collaboration and communication.

Novata Solutions is a SharePoint Solutions provider in Perth, working to optimise client’s business productivity by creating, implementing and managing IT Solutions.

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