We’ve all heard of the Microsoft Office Suite, but do you know what it can offer you and how it can benefit your business?

Microsoft is a globally leading business solution provider of cloud computing services.

Simply, cloud services refer to servers, storage, database, networking, software, analytics and intelligence delivered through the internet (“the cloud”).

How does Microsoft Azure Work? Check out this video to discover more.

Be future ready with a Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution

Microsoft Azure is known as a PaaS or platform as a service solution, building and hosting business solutions through existing Microsoft products and data center.

Three Types of Cloud Deployment

  • Public – Owned and operated by a third-party service provider and is accessed by a web browser. For example, Microsoft Azure.
  • Private – This type is exclusively used by a single business or organisation and is generally physically located at the company’s on-site datacenter.
  • Hybrid – Refers to a combination of public and private clouds, bound together allowing data and applications to be shared.

Benefits of MS Cloud Solution

  • Provides a cost-efficient solution to adapt with business requirements.
  • Increased Speed
  • Scalability from a global level
  • Enhanced communication and productivity as colleagues are able to work from any device, at various locations at any time.
  • Increased Security providing peace of mind and reliability in support, compliance checks, maintenance and the flexibility to grow with business needs.

Discover more about Microsoft Azure and what it can offer you in our next blog discussing Trusting your Cloud Solution with Microsoft Azure.

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