NextSteps Q&A & Recap

OutSystems NextSteps is an annual event that covers everything you need to know about the platform, including new and trending features. They also take the opportunity to recognise and announce partner and business awards for the most innovative and transformative applications developed.

Questions & Answer from NextSteps 2020

  • Who is NextSteps for? OutSystems NextSteps is not just for the developer, the 2-day event provides a range of topics and discussions directed at architects, rookies , technology leaders and of course the developers.

  • What can I expect at NextSteps? Be in the front row seat and listen to keynote speakers, Customer Experience, Adoption and Best Practices, Tech Talks, Awards and so much more.

  • What happened at NextSteps 2020? 2020 was an interesting year for everyone, OutSystems took the negatives and turned them into positives igniting a two-day virtual event, connecting tech leaders with rookies and everyone in-between in an online, virtual event.
  • Top Takeaway’s from NextSteps 2020 Here are four new features to keep an eye on within the OutSystems Platform in 2021.
    • Workflow Builder: New Admin Roles and Easier Navigation.
    • UI (User Interface): New Product Feature Screen Template with Rating Pattern.
    • Protect Your Mobile Apps from Security Threats with AppShield.
    • Architecture Dashboard: Guided Refactoring and New AI Auto-Classification.
  • Where to from here… OutSystems continually releases new enhancements aligning their Low Code Rapid App Development.

OutSystems NextSteps takes place on the 15th & 16th of September each year, and we are looking forward to this years’ OutSystems NextSteps event, later this year.

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