Search Engine Optimisation is the process affecting a company’s online visibility through organic, unpaid search engine results.

When used correctly SEO can optimise a company’s website and social media pages – increasing client and stakeholder engagement.

It is all about knowing your customers, clients and stakeholders. Timing of content is key. As SEO is an organic form of marketing careful analysis and consideration must be achieved to build positive results.

SEO with Clive at Novata Solutions

SEO writing is tailored towards increasing and generating traffic for a website or social media platform.

Effective SEO

  • Titles – A title should not get lost amongst the noise of your website or post. Grab the reader’s attention quickly and identify keywords that are eminent through your content.
  • What message? - Every website, content, social media post is promoting a message. The key is know your audience, their needs and desires.
  • Leverage formatting – Most successful websites, content and social media posts are the ones that have less noise on their page. Think of the phrase less is more. White space is great!
  • Limit keywords trade in for topics – Keywords are great, but, limit them. Remember everything you write about falls under a topic.
  • Include links – Increase engagement, credibility and traffic to your page by embedding links, both internal and external.
  • Images – Break up written text with appropriate and visually pleasing images.
  • Call to Action – Implement strategies to resolve problems and save time.
  • Make the Meta data interesting – explains catchy title and further garners interest.
  • Get Tagging – Tag your titles and key points.
  • Encourage social sharing – Sharing information online with work colleagues, friends and family is considered an organic form of marketing and is the best way to promote your company.
Effective SEO can build credibility and positive relationships with your customers, clients and stakeholders.
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