In an increasingly competitive marketing atmosphere reaching your customers can be a struggle if strategies are not developed.

Search Engine Marketing allows businesses to optimise on customer exposure and opportunities. SEM an acronym for Search Engine Marketing involves the promotion of paid campaigns and activities targeted towards a specific demographic.

The aim of SEM is to increase visibility of SERPs search engine results pages increasing the reach and engagement with a company’s customers.

There are two strands of SEM including:

  • PPC Pay per click campaigns and activities is the process that involves advertisers paying for each click they receive - this is considered as buying your visits
  • SMM Social Media Marketing Strategies –
    • SMM Goals – Create an achievable goal, why are you initiating this campaign and/ or activity? What relevance does it have to your company and business?
    • Know your audience – Who are you targeting and why? What demographic or psychographics are you focusing on?
    • Metrics - Specifically focus on the five below metrics
      • Reach – Unique user reach, how far has your content spread?
      • Clicks – How many clicks per campaign?
      • Engagement – Calculated by how many social interactions
      • Sentiment – Expressed by how many users have reacted to your content and branding.
      • Organic vs paid likes - The comparison between earning paid from organic likes.
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    • Social competitive landscape – Research, research, research a simple google search is all you need to see what your competitors are up to and how you can optimise marketing and exposure of your own business.
    • Curate engaging social media content – Be creative and produce content that identifies and fits your overall business brands identity.
    • Engage with your audiences – One of the worst mistakes that your business can make is not interacting and engaging with your customers as they are your most valuable assets.
    • Track efforts and always improve – After creating a SEM campaign and activity you need to ensure that you follow up and track results.
Search Engine Marketing’s greatest strength is that it enables company’s and advertisers to place and promote their ads in front of their targeted customers. Therefore, is considered quite an effective powerful strategy allowing businesses to optimise exposure of customer engagement and opportunities. However, true SEM is not successful without consistent SEO search engine optimisation. As organic marketing strategies initiates and builds a relationship with customers.
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