Yes! You can finally visualise and manage your application developments technical debt!

OutSystems Architecture Dashboard refers to a technical debt monitoring tool, enabling IT leaders to visualise and identify problems in application architectures, whilst also suggesting best practices and avoiding common pitfalls.

But, like any other technology there are some benefits and pitfalls that you should note. In this blog, we answer your questions regarding OutSystems Architecture Dashboard and will point you to the right direction when it comes to managing your architecture dashboard.

  • Can I customise my technical debt analysis?No, at this point in time you are not able to customise these environments.
  • Are there any APIs that I can integrate my Architecture Dashboard with deployment processes? At this stage No. However, this could be a future enhancement - keep an eye out on OutSystems Architecture Dashboard page to discover more!
  • What information is sent to the Architecture Dashboard and how is it stored?
    • The Architecture Dashboard collects a range of information including but not limited too;
    • Infrastructure Activation Code.
    • Environments Information.
    • Number of Front End Servers.
    • Discovery Snapshots.
    • Set up information including; name, username, email address, last login date.
  • How long is my data stored in the Architecture Dashboard? This depends on your data type.
    • Source Information is only kept for the duration of the code analysis procedure.
            • Compared to
    • Technical Debt Information which is stored without limitation or until the rights of information has been removed.
  • Where is the personal information shared within the Architecture Dashboard sent? Providing prior consent was given, the information about a user is sent to the Architecture Dashboard and on each synchronisation to ensure that regular updates are maintained.
  • How long will the user’s personal information be stored in Architecture Dashboard? There are three ways to determine how long the user’s personal information is stored within the Architecture Dashboard including;
    • The user requests for the information to be erased.
    • The Customer requests that their infrastructure is removed from the Architecture Dashboard.
    • The Customer withdraws their consent in another way.

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