Progressive Web Apps commonly referred to as PWAs are web applications that deliver user experiences through progressive enhancements for example the experience and functions on one device from another.  

OutSystems offers developers and end-users a frictionless experience across different devices.

We’ve listed comparative benefits between users and businesses using OutSystems Apps.


  • Available Offline – Reliable and faster as they are available in weak network conditions and even offline.
  • High-performance – Smoother load times, provides users with confidence and a higher guarantee of staying on the page.
  • Discoverability – Commonly viewed as snippet cards at the top of search engine results pages
  • Responsiveness and connectivity – Adaptivity.


  • Reduce costs – Multiple platforms supported by a single code base.
  • Easily deploy – No need to use the app store to distribute this app.
  • User engagements - Easier to re-engage with customers after the app is closed.
  • Increased conversions – Significant increase in conversion rates.

Overall benefits of a PWA

  • Rapid time to market
  • Only a single code base provided
  • Hassle free, extra device capabilities
  • Customisation with no limits

At Novata Solutions we have the most certified OutSystems engineers in Perth who understand the unique aspects of your business processes and deliver solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

If there is one thing, we love more than coffee, it is talking to you about developing an OutSystems low code rapid application suited to your business’ needs.

Let’s combine the two.

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