Technical debt is essentially a metaphor for borrowed money and technology, which although you might have it sooner, rather than later, challenges may become apparent earlier.

Brief History

The metaphor “technical debt” was originally coined by an American software developer named Ward Cunningham.

Ward Cunningham is an American computer programmer, a co-author of the Manifesto for Agile Software and developed the first Wiki.

Technical Debt Quadrant

Martin Fowler is an American, British software developer, author, and international public speaker. Fowler later elaborated and defined what he calls the technical debt quadrant. This quadrant is further broken down into two main categories including, deliberate vs inadvertent and reckless vs prudent.





“We don’t have time for design”

“We must ship now and deal with consequences”


“What’s layering?”

“Now we know how we should have done it”



Where we are now!

Today, several businesses try to adapt technology and services through an agile methodology to provide new digital channels of interaction. Founder and CEO of OutSystems Paulo Sebastiao quotes technical debt as being “ the measure of costs, reworking a solution caused by choosing an easy, yet limited solution.”

Most frequent causes

  • Time pressure: Short change on performance of fully fetched features and key capabilities.
  • Constant changes: Ever-increasing customer expectations.
  • Outdated technology: Meaning technologies used become obsolete.

Balancing speed and quality

Investing in an Agile solution and using low code technologies can alleviate a business’s technical debt. For example, an OutSystems Rapid Application Platform can provide a business and technical development teams an opportunity to work seamlessly to provide a clear, rapid solution to meet their business requirements.

At Novata Solutions we have the most certified OutSystems engineers in Perth, who understand your business processes and can deliver solutions that are tailored to your business requirements.

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