OutSystems Why Personalisation Matters

You don’t need to be in the Financial, Retail, or Hospitality industries to create a personal customer experience. In fact, all businesses should endeavour to create a personalised customer experience.


This refers to a process which creates an individualised interaction between a business and their target audience to completely enhance and engage a mutual experience.

OutSystems Personalised Experience

An OutSystems Application allows you to build great Customer Experiences (CX) through the use of tools and processes.

  • Providing the right customer touchpoints – Whether this be mobile, web, chat etc. and using a single development platform to directly meet with customers in the right channels and delivering high-quality experiences.
  • Limitless pixel-perfect UX and UI – Enabling you to build exactly what you need from the ground up and/ or import existing layouts.
  • Smooth omnichannel customer journeys – Easily integrate and connect systems for that personalised experience.
  • Offering support for enterprise-grade CX – Providing certified and up-to-date security and compliance standards to efficiently handle your customer information.
  • Ensuring future-proofing is met for your customer journey – OutSystems enables you to build smart applications that can be customised and edited in real-time.

If there is one thing we love more than coffee, it is talking to you about developing an application suited to your business requirements.

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