Which business departments require a Hub Site?

Who are my target audience?

How can my audience easily navigate to their Hub Sites?

These are just some of the questions that you may consider when deploying SharePoint Hub Sites.

A SharePoint Hub Site allows businesses to build “connective tissue” when planning and deploying team and communication sites.

  • Where to find hubs when you have more than one? Hub Sites are considered as the building blocks to your intranet. When building global navigation consider the following paths to make your Hub Sites discoverable.
    • From the SharePoint start page
    • From the Mobile app
    • From an organisation portal
    • On each hub site
  • Am I reaching the right audience for news? A successful Hub Site helps you bring news to the right people at the right time and in the right context. To ensure that your hub news is clearly visible, consider implementing two news web parts. One being on your home page and the second which includes news rolled up from associated sites.
  • How do I set naming conventions? Consider implementing names that can be easily discovered, for example a Human Resources Hub Site might include names such as HR Central or HR Portal.

Hub Sites are designed to create families of related sites and therefore are not required for each and every site.

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