Do your eyes start to blur and stress start to kick in when you have to look at your business analytics?

It can be a tedious tasks and one that involves a lot of concentration, however, with the help of business intelligence software such as Power BI – analysing information has never been simpler.

The term business intelligence refers to the collection, integration and analysis of data provided to decision makers of a company.

Office 365 integration with SharePoint and Power BI now offers business analytic tools that deliver clear insights into the running of a business.

SharePoint Power Bi

Embedding content and statistics can be as easy as creating an excel spreadsheet and placing it in a SharePoint library. On the other hand it can be more complex by creating a specialised cube of click through and interactive graphs.

Who can use Power Bi?

  1. Analysts
  2. Businesses
  3. IT
  4. Developers


  1. Ability to produce and publish reports
  2. Create personalised dashboards

Novata Solutions is a SharePoint Solutions provider in Perth – optimising clients business productivity through tailored strategies and consulting.

If there is one thing that we love more than coffee that is talking to you about how we can personalise a SharePoint Solutions strategy for your business.

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