OutSystems are recognised as global leaders in the low-code, modern application platform space. Pioneering into the low-code market in 2001, OutSystems vision was to transform the way enterprise software was delivered.

Fast Facts

  • There are more than 435,000 members within the OutSystems community.
  • 350 Partners globally.
  • Thousands of active customers across 87 countries and 22 industries.
  • Neo is OutSystems mascot, you can catch him floating across OutSystems website and community forums.
  • Novata Solutions marketing consultant was the very first West Australian to be recognised as an OutSystems Champion, globally!

Why Low Code?

Simply put, low-code is a development platform that enables developers to create applications through graphical user interfaces with limited need for hand coding. This enables all developers and businesses better efficiency and flexibility in creating, developing, deploying and managing an application. There are several benefits to low-code however, we have named the top four when deploying a low-code application, below.

  • Rapid, unbeatable speed.
  • Provides a modern architecture, using low-code, no-code techniques including declarative, model-driven application design and development, simplified one-button deployment and drag and drop functionality.
  • Unbreakable deployment.
  • Governance

Who are Novata Solutions?

Novata Solutions are Western Australia’s leading low code application software company, providing innovative enterprise business solutions to improve the productivity, processes, and efficiencies of organisations.

Why OutSystems and Novata?

OutSystems Applications are built for the future. Here’s how!

  • Actions can be completed in a single click.
  • Adapting to your business requirements rapidly and safely.
  • Continuously improving with innovative technologies including AI to IoT, RPA and other advanced capabilities in OutSystems Forge.
  • Running cloud applications are future proof and portable.

If there is one thing that we love more than coffee, it is talking to you about your next OutSystems low code application development today.

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