SEO Blog: E-A-T-ing through SEO Explored

Search engines such as Google continuously E-A-T their way through your website architecture and content, to establish that it’s a valuable source of information to users.

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthy.

E-A-T Explained

  • Expertise (n) refers to establishing your skill set and knowledge in a particular field. Anyone can write about any topic, but how credible is their content? Search engines establish whether your website content was written from an “expert” within the field or a third party “laymen” content writer.
  • Authoritativeness (adj) identifies an individual or organisation that is “highly reliable” within their field. Credential and quality of what you are discussing is another integral part to be considered as an authoritative source within the website content “field” which you write.
  • Trustworthiness (n) is the ability to be relied on as an honest and trustful source. Here we are referring to a more technical aspect of your websites SEO. You need to ensure your users feel safe and valued when entering your website, therefore ensuring you have the right security measures like SSLs in-place are integral.

Google’s search algorithm

Google’s search engine Search Quality Rater has never played a more integral role than now. Its guidelines suggest a strong focus on Page Quality (PQ) and Needs Met (NM), to rank for the right search terms at the right time.

Let’s E-A-T!

When establishing your SEO Strategy consider a content strategy that focuses on your target audience E-A-T-ing their way through your web contents.

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